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One day I was getting ready to go to church. Now, back in them days we had to walk for miles. My mother looked at me and said, "I don't see why you have to go so far to church andstay gone so long." Well, you know there was a saying back then that if a mother took the first louse she found on her child's head and killed the louse on a Bible, the child would become a preacher. Now, it wasn't like it is today, back then just as sure as a child was born, sooner or later it was going to have lice. They all had lice back then. Well I said, "Mom, if you hadn't have killed the louse on the Bible I wouldn't be preaching and traveling so much."


The man talking was Elder Carlos Williams of the Little Stone Gap Primitive Baptist Church in Norton,Virginia. This is his story of love for anothe rpeople along the Trail.


Available for additional $5.00 is a cassette tape of a sermon entitled, THE STAR. This sermon is also in this book. The Sermon was preached by Elder Carlos Williams at the Elk Horn Association Meeting on top of Bradshaw Mountain on Saturday, September 4th, 1982.